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April 2000

There were fewer bodies present and we spent less time together than usual, but ask anyone who attended our April gathering and they'll tell you it was one of the most successful meetings we've ever had.

We heard two very encouraging reports on the latest techniques in non-surgical restoration. The first was delivered by our coordinator Dahl, who told us about his successful experimentation with cyclic tension. Dahl has been struggling with a plateau in skin growth for several months now and he's tried just about every technique -- known and unknown -- to get his skin growing again. Following a recent thread regarding cyclic tension that appeared on the Foreskin Restoration Mailing List, he devised and assembled a unique non-elastic leg strap. The strap provides varying tension while walking and also allows the wearer to discreetly deliver cycles of varying tension while seated. The results have been stunning: after several months of no growth whatsoever, Dahl added half an inch of skin in three weeks!

Dahl is eager to repeat the experiment and confirm that the sudden growth he experienced can be attributed to cyclic tension. Anyone interested in duplicating his results should contact him at

Next up was Jim, who last month introduced his own invention, the Tug-Ahoy. As previously reported, Jim has created a unique and ingenious device that doesn't use tape, doesn't require an erection to be applied, can be worn comfortably under clothing, and be put on and removed quickly. The ease and speed with which it can be removed should be good news to anyone who has had their sex life hampered by T-tapes.

In order to illustrate how much tension can be comfortable applied while wearing the device, Jim gave us a startling demonstration that is unlikely to be repeated at any NORM meeting anywhere: he suspended two one-gallon milk jugs filled with water from his Tug-Ahoy while it was attached to his penis! [Please don't try this at home. Jim is a physician and knows better, but you probably don't have an excuse. ]

At the conclusion of the meeting, several of us were "fitted" with the Tug-Ahoy and we wore them home. If Jim's progress is any indication, many of us will return to the next meeting of NORM Southern California with substantially more foreskin. In the meantime, anyone interested in purchasing their own Tug-Ahoy can contact Jim at

Next month we expect to have more good news from the leading edge in foreskin restoration. If you're going to be anywhere near Los Angeles on the third Sunday in May, we invite you to join us!