Meeting Notes

Notes on past conversation subjects, presentations, etc. at NORM Southern California's meetings are presented here when available. Meetings are held consistently every month, even if there aren't notes on this page. Any links or contact information they contain may no longer be current.


September 2011
Discussions of inner vs. outer foreskin, and what to do about unwanted hair on the penis.
October, 2011
Discussion of a legal effort earlier this year to ban circumcision, plus talk about the various devices used.
December, 2011
A new method, motivations for restoring, and printed information given out at meetings.


January 2010
Wayne Griffiths gives a presentation on foreskin restoration at a new meeting location.
February 2010
Some activism regarding circumcision, inquiry about a surgical touch up, and discussion of one way our group advertises itself.
March 2010
A reason men often have for restoring, plus an upcoming study on body image.


March 2009
An online restoration resource closes.
April 2009
A new device, discussions on activism and overhang, and some sad news in our restoration community.
June 2009
Manual tugging, testosterone, penis length, and discussion on circumcision.
October 2009
Discussion on websites, possible future guest speakers.
November 2009
Announcement of an upcoming event, and discussion about local hospitals that circumcise.
December 2009
More on the next meeting, and concern over recent news from the CDC and AAP.


January 2008
Restoration methods and devices.
March 2008
An updated website, discussion of news, and more restoration devices.
April 2008
Info on consultations, and more on devices and methods.
June 2008
More discussion of foreskin andcircumcision in the media.
July 2008
A couple news items, and a new device.
August 2008
Discussing restoration with others, and devices of sorts.
September 2008
Circumcision, restoration and appearance.
October 2008
Sexual health, restoration and a TV appearance by a well known restorer.


July 2007
Discussion of news items regarding circumcision.
August 2007
Restoration, the CI chart, and one man's experience.
September 2007
Another man's experience, plus discussion of foreskin related matters.
October 2007
Website issues, restore-list discussions, and an unusual device.
November 2007
A couple recent mentions of circumcision in popular entertainment.
December 2007
Discussions about foreskin and "intactivism."


January 2001
Notes from San Diego and Los Angeles.
April 2001
Notes from Los Angeles.
June 2001
Notes from Los Angeles.
October 2001
Notes from Los Angeles.


January 2000
Interview with Phil Nguyen, MD, who is restored and refuses to perform circumcisions.
March 2000
Double debut: a new coordinator, and a new restoration device.
April 2000
Good news regarding cyclic tension, and the Tug Ahoy.
May 2000
Smegma, sensitivity, San Diego, and some Tug-Ahoy feedback.
June 2000
More about cyclic tension, and the sensitivity study.
July 2000
Changes at NORM, and a new brand of tape.
September 2000
NORM Southern California welcomes visitors Wayne Griffiths, and a reporter from a national publication.
October 2000
A small, quiet NORM meeting.
November 2000
More VIPs, and a review of several restoration devices.


September 1999
The Congress of the United States officially recognizes us for "outstanding and invaluable service to the community."
November 1999
Marc Christian's presentation on his post-restoration "touch up" surgery.
December 1999
Chuck Thompson's observations on the intact/circumcised status of celebrities.