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July 2000

Tragedy stuck shortly after our meeting for July when your webmaster's Palm Pilot suffered a sudden and mysterious death. The loss of important phone numbers and notes (including meeting notes) is sad, but the real tragedy is that I must now reconstruct from memory what happened at last week's meeting.

We spent a good amount of time discussing changes at our parent group, the National Organization of Restoring Men. They are now officially recognized by the state of California as a non-profit corporation and will soon receive similar recognition from the federal government. With these changes there has been a structural reorganization, and new financial management is being implemented. (For the past ten years NORM has been funded almost exclusively out of Wayne Griffiths' pocket!)

It's unclear how we are going to be impacted by these changes. The consensus at the meeting was that we would prefer to keep ourselves a fully voluntary organization with no official membership, no official officers, and no dues collected. Regardless of what changes may come, NORM Southern California will continue to offer free, confidential help in matters regarding circumcision and foreskin restoration to any individual requesting such help.

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing some familiar topics: cyclic tension, the Tug Ahoy, and various restoration techniques. There were several first-time attendees present, some of whom were just getting started restoring, and we helped answer all manner of questions that they brought up. (For the record, we love seeing new faces at our meetings. We like knowing that the word is being spread: foreskin restoration IS possible, and we can help anyone who asks for it.) Dahl brought in a new brand of cloth tape much like Rejuveness and Hypafix, but which was less costly than either. Dahl also asked for any and all suggestions the agenda for future meetings.

Next month, we'll have more of the latest news and information on foreskin restoration and circumcision. We'll also see a webmaster taking notes with good old-fashioned pencil and paper.