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October 2000

Our meeting for October drew fourteen men, the smallest turnout in recent memory. For this reason the meeting was comparatively quiet and and had a fairly calm, intimate atmosphere - a nice change of pace that probably helped the many newcomers who were there feel at ease.

With no set agenda for the meeting, much of our discussions were for the benefit of those who were getting started. We talked about the basics of foreskin restoration, including beginning and advanced techniques.

Jim was asked what kind of feedback he's received on his invention, the Tug Ahoy. He reported that he has heard from many of them men who purchased his device and that their experiences have been, almost without exception, quite positive.

Next month we expect to see more new faces as word spreads that foreskin restoration is possible, and that the results are incredibly rewarding. We also hope to see more of our regular attendees present - the voice of experience they bring to our discussions is invaluable.