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April 2001

Easter kept some from attending our meeting for April, but the seventeen men who did show up took part in one of the most focused and dynamic gatherings we've had recently. Former coordinator Steven Michaud, visiting for the first time in several months, congratulated us on maintaining the tradition of what NORM Southern California does best: exchange information and offer help in an atmosphere of complete support and respect.

With no new coordinator yet chosen (Dahl having concluded his term last month), our coordinator-for-a-day was Tommy, one of two men at the meeting who have been taking part in NORM SoCal from the very beginning. Your webmaster was delighted that we spent nearly the entire time discussing foreskin restoration. Fueled largely by the enthusiasm of a newcomer who was full of excitement over the prospect of regaining what was taken from him, we had a lengthy question-and-answer session that touched upon many of the aspects of the journey from "circumcised" to "restored" - not only how to accomplish it, but also what to expect along the way.

We also heard a brief report from Tony Shale, who earlier this month attended this year's conference on circumcision in Washington D.C. Tony shared one small portion of the seventeen hours he videotaped at the conference - a brief speech by Jim Bigelow, author of "The Joy of Uncircumcising." [The book is no longer being published, but is available in PDF form from NORM.]