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June 2001

We had a relatively small turnout this month, probably due to other weekend events including Father's Day, Pride celebrations, and some of the best beach-going weather we've seen this year. Nevertheless, a handful of stalwarts showed up long enough to talk restoration and unanimously vote for Tommy to remain as coordinator.

On the restoration front, we talked about different kinds of exfoliation. One man reported that after several months of restoring, he noticed after showering one day that his penis was shedding a single layer of skin. As strange as it seems, this turns out to be a common occurrence - several others reported experiencing the same kind of shedding. All restoring men will, at some point during the process, lose most or all of the keratinized skin that has built up over several years to protect the circumcised penis. However, the ways in which this skin sheds varies greatly. Some men have reported a gradual, almost imperceptible shedding, while others have reported very dramatic shedding accompanied by persistent itching sensations. Regardless of how the shedding process occurs, it's no cause for alarm. Actually it's one of the landmarks of restoration that signifies the penile skin is returning to a natural, normally functioning state.

We also discussed the possibility of holding another co-ed meeting. Some time ago we held a special meeting which women were invited to attend and it was quite successful, so we're a little overdue to do it again. Also, two or three months back someone suggested the idea of holding a special meeting to which we would invite men who have completed the restoration process. It's rare that we hear their stories and perspectives, so we're hoping to find several guys who have finished restoring to come and talk to us. Both of these meetings are tentatively scheduled for early next year... this should give you out-of-towners plenty of time to plan ahead! These will both be special and unique meetings, and we'd like to have as many guests as possible. If you've never been to a NORM meeting, these special meetings are a terrific opportunity to visit Los Angeles and find out what you've been missing.