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August 2007

11 people were in attendance at August's meeting.

An update of NORM Southern California's website is planned. The group is in the process of assimilating & collecting information to be posted on our site.

The NORM Socal coordinator bought to the meeting a photo of a variation on a dorsal slit circumcision. Group discussion followed.

The discussion then focused on an evolving view of foreskin restoration as similar to a gym routine. Stretch for a period of time, then rest for a period of time to allow the skin to recover. This is the same philosophy as a gym routine - exercise to build muscle tissue, then rest to allow for recovery. This is creating some disagreement in the restoration community.

All participants in attendance received an illustrated handout of the Coverage Index (CI) chart. The CI, as seen on the NewForeskin website, provides descriptions and photographs of various levels of foreskin coverage of the shaft and glans. It can be used as a reference for a man to gauge the progress of his restoration, and is a standard that is widely disseminated in the restoration community.

One of our long term attendees who no longer lives in Southern California visited with the group this meeting. He spoke about the fact that 90% of his restoration was completed via manual tugging because since he worked at a job that performed on the spot drug testing, he was not able to wear restoration devices on his penis while working.

This man also related his circumcision / restoration / sensitivity experience. He was sexually active with his first wife before and after his adult circumcision. His first wife has told him that sex was better before he had it done.

He was initially sexually active with his second wife as a circumcised man. A number of years ago he began a foreskin restoration that is now complete. His wife has experienced sex with him as a circumcised adult male and as a man with restored foreskin. His wife has stated that sex with her restored husband is better than when he was circumcised. He has also stated that sex with a foreskin is much more pleasurable.