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September 2007

8 people attended our September meeting.

We reviewed a photo of a circumcision kit that was used by a mohel. Group discussion followed.

The group reviewed a series of diagrams about the dorsal slit procedure. These were detailed diagrams that illustrated the cut(s) make in this operation.

One of our attendees related his own circumcision experience. When he was 18 years of age he had a small irritation on his penis. His doctor talked him into circumcision. The doctor did not discuss any non invasive treatments and did not inform him of the long term negative consequences of a circumcision. He has now completed the majority of the restoration of his foreskin via manual tugging. Our group member did not understand the serious damage that circumcision had done to him until 3 years ago. With his restored foreskin, he has a new awareness of his physical integrity. He informed the group that restoring his foreskin has provided him, "much more than he ever expected".

There was more discussion this month on the Coverage Index (CI) chart (see August 2007 notes). The subject turned toward foreskin, and about the intact, natural, (uncircumcised) penis and its gliding mechanism during sexual intercourse.

Somone raised a very important issue. How do we as a movement, and as a society, educate young men about the natural, intact, (uncircumcised) penis so they can have an complete understanding and respect for what nature has provided for them at birth? With our penis-phobic society, many males are not exposed to information regarding circumcision until they are about to become young fathers and have to make a circumcision / no circumcision decision about their newborn son with out sufficient knowledge.