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November 18, 2007

This meeting had 9 men in attendance.

News items up for discussion were two examples of circumcision being mentioned in the media.

First the group listened to a CD recording of a recent radio show hosted by Tom Leykis. Earlier this month he had done more than a half hour of his program on the subject of circumcision. Leykis was strongly against it, publicly pronouncing that: 1) circumcision is genital mutilation, 2) he would not circumcise a son if he had one, and 3) a child should be allowed to make the decision as an adult. NORM SoCal's attendees had a lengthy discussion after we listed to this recorded show (which is available online here).

Next up for discussion was a recent episode of the TV show "Desparate Housewives" in which one of the storylines involved a married couple who had conflicting opinions on circumcision, and whether their son should be circumcised.