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December 2007

This month we had 15 men in attendance, crammed into one of the smaller meeting rooms. It was one of the largest turnouts we've had in a while.

We started out with additional group discussion on the Tom Leykis radio show segment from November that addressed circumcision, and the "Desperate Housewives" episode that featured circumcision in the story line.

One attendee announced that he has completed his restoration using only manual stretching.

There was discussion on the dartos, a smooth muscle laying just beneath the skin of the penile shaft. This piece of penis anatomy is stretched as well as the skin of the penis, and functions to tighten the skin over the glans after restoration.

A new guy shared that he was born in Latin America, and is intact (uncircumcised). He came to the meeting to show support for our work. He calls himself an intactivist.

We next talked about the smell of an intact penis. It does depend on numerous factors such as diet, body temperature, physical activity level, genetic disposition, etc. If one is taking antibiotics there is a higher probability of additional odor from foreskin.

A man attended our meeting today who is married and planning with his wife to have a child. He is Hispanic and she is from another culture. He came to our meeting to get the most updated information available regarding circumcision vs. intactness, because he wanted to educate his wife about these complex issues and make sure that his new baby remains uncircumcised.