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January 20, 2008

For the first meeting of the year there were 13 men in attendance.

One who was relatively new to restoring asked about the T-tape method. A few attendees using it described how it was used, and demonstrated assembly of the tapes (an online guide can be found here). We described different methods for application on erect and non-erect penis, and even demonstrated using an inanimate object.

Continuing onto other methods, there was discussion about a device called the PUD, or Penile Uncircumcising Device. This is a stainless steel weight specifically made for foreskin restoration. The restorer pulls his skin forward past the glans and over part of the weight, and tapes it in place. [Although NORM SoCal does not link to devices that are commercially sold, a list maybe found at]

Next, the group discussed methods of tension. Some of us have used weights, while others use elastic straps either pulled down the leg or wrapped around the waist. Another method discussed was the use of latex bands (such as Thera-Band) attached to devices instead of elastic straps.

One attendee told of his experience getting yeast infections before he started restoring his foreskin. He emphasized that he was getting these yeast infections as a circumcised man, despite having heard that they happened more often to intact penises. Although yeast infections on the penis are uncommon, they are possible, and can passed from a woman to a man (and vice versa) during sexual intercourse.