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April 20, 2008

11 men in attendance this month.

Our group coordinator mentioned an increase in phone calls lately. He recently provided a private consultation to a man from the Netherlands who had been visiting the US. We'd like to remind men all over the world that if you're ever in the LA area, you're welcome to contact us or drop by one of our meetings.

Another consultation was to a man from Virginia who contacted our group. He'd had an infection on his penis/foreskin, and his doctor wanted to circumcise him as the only method of treatment. The man wanted to know if we could refer him to a foreskin friendly doctor in his area. We referred him to a Dr. Scott who could provide a non-invasive treatment. The man from Virginia has reconnected us to let us know that he is happy with Dr. Scott's care.

[For anyone who is unable to attend our meetings, you may still contact us. See our Private Consultations page]

Once again we passed around some of the many restoring devices in our library, some of which are sold, and some of which can be made at home from items such as surgical tape or rubber o-rings.

The meeting ended with discussion of skin expansion techniques used in surgery. Non-surgical foreskin restoration uses the same principles, only using different methods of stretching the skin.