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October 19, 2008

Our meeting started off with a conversation not about foreskin restoration, but on the related issue of sexual health.One of our group members had attended a lecture by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, of San Diego Sexual Medicine. A main point that came out of the lecture was the importance of sexual health to one's overall health. Another was the function of testosterone in nerve repair - an important concept for men who have had prostate surgery. For many years it has been thought that testosterone was a problem for those who had prostate cancer, but new research is questioning this.

We'd like to thank one of our regulars for a donation to our library: a book titled "Excercising the Penis," by Aaron Kemmer, on the subject of penile health.

Other topics of conversation included one man's experience with hehrbal supplements, and the continuing controversy over circumcision and HIV. Our coordinator passed around copies of a news article titled Circumcision HIV impact doubted.

Our coordinator acquired a product called Parafilm M Barrier Film, a sort of plastic tape which is translucent, flexible, self adhering, and can be stretched very thin before breaking. A member of had posted a video showing how he used the film as a retainer on top of a device. Someone in our group also suggested using it as a sort of tape ring. Its intended use is as a seal for flasks and other laboratory equipment; now apparently it can be used as a seal for foreskins.

The group next watched a DVD of an episode of The Howard Stern Show from a couple months ago which featured an appearance by Ron Low (maker of the TLC devices). Part of this epsiode included a "prettiest penis contest," as a part of a gay bachelor party featured on Stern's show that morning. During the contest, Low proudly displayed his penis with his TLC attached and then removed it to show his restored foreskin and briefly describe restoration. Howard and his guest of honor found it interesting, though a few of his other radio personailities weren't so impressed by the idea of foreskin restoration. [Our group would like to thank former coordinator John for donating this video clip.]