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November 2008

At the start of the meeting, one of our group members spoke about the possibility of inviting a married couple that he knows to one of our meetings. They recently had a baby boy, and made the decision to leave him intact. The question was raised as to whether they woud be interested in discussing how and why they did so. What information they study prior to making this decision, and where did they get their information? Were family members supportive or non-supportive of their decision to keep their son intact? We also discussed how we would explain the damaging effects of circumcision that most of our attendees have experienced. These are negative consequences that their baby will not have to deal with.

Our coordinator mentioned that he recentily acquired a booklet published in 1947 by physician John Harvey Kellogg, titled “Rules for Right Living." Kellogg was a very influential proponent of circumcision for boys and young boys as early as the late 1800s, but his influence on the world of medicine lasted for decades. This booklet focuses more on items like diet, exercise, rest etc.

Our group had an intensive discussion about how NORM Southern California can better support new meeting attendees with their restoration process, and provide other types of support for men who want to get back what was often taken from them without consent. Often there will be meetings with a few men new to restoration, but not everyone returns to attend future meetings. We do realize that this can be an awkward subject for those feeling uneasy about being circumcised and/or wanting to do something about it, and we do try to be as supportive as possible. As always, we invite any man who will be in the Los Angeles area on the third Sunday of every month from 2 - 4 PM to come join us at our meetings!