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March 2009

We have been informed that the site is closing down as of 3/21/2009. It has been a busy online community for men to learn about or discuss various aspects of foreskin restoration, share their experiences, get advice, etc., and popular with NORM attendees from all over the USA. We'll be sad to see it go, but apparently others are being created in its place. One will be called [NOTE: of course we've listed these links on our Message Board page]. We're glad these new sites exist to pick up where the previous one leaves off.

A recent discussion at an online forum brought up the possible use of the compound dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) in helping with skin expansion. DMSO can be used in medicine for its solvent properties to transport medication across tissue barriers, but the effect of the solvent itself is not widely known. We do not personally know of anyone who has experimented with this product on the foreskin at this time.

A newer restorer brought up the question of how easy it would be to keep clean underneath the foreskin. Our group has regulars who are fully restored, and every now and then we have one or two men with intact foreskins. They assert that it is very simple - usually just a 5 to 10 second rinse in the shower. Keeping this in mind, the argument given in favor of circumcision, that it would make the penis easier to clean, doesn't seem to hold any validity.