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October 18, 2009

This month's meeting saw a bunch of familar faces. We started off by discussing a few of the popular websites currently available for discussing foreskin restoration. Just before the closure of earlier this year, 3 newer sites were started in its place. They haven't gotten as huge as the old site, but are starting to see a fair amount of traffic.

Our coordinator introduced the idea of having a few guest speakers come to future meetings. One who has expressed interest in speaking at a NORM SoCal event sometime next year is Wayne Griffiths, NORM's director and co-founder. Wayne was down here once before in 2000 (an event which made the news). We all discussed the subject for a while.

A couple long time regulars mentioned that lately there haven't been quite as many in attendance as they'd seen in the past, though. One possible reason is the various online message boards mentioned earlier. Although they make foreskin restoration info available to those who wouldn't otherwise attend NORM meetings, some guys might be reluctant to come discuss it in person when they can discuss it online instead. Getting the word out makes a big difference, and we make ourselves known on these various websites, and advertise our meetings on Craigslist [and if anyone has any free advertising suggestions, feel free to email them to]