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November 18, 2009

At the beginning of the meeting our coordinator announced that we've set our meeting date in January to feature a presentation by Wayne Griffiths, director and co-founder of NORM. Wayne is one of the most knowledgeable guys out there about all things foreskin restoration. His presentation will draw on his nearly 20 years of experience with NORM, and should prove useful to beginners and experienced restorrers alike. The event will take place at our usual meeting time and location. We expect that his presentation and a discussion afterward will take up the full two hours.

A man in attendance talked about his recent discussion on circumcision with a staff member at a local hospital. Although the HMO it belongs to officially does not recommend circumcision (they basically use the AAP's policy statement), its doctors, nurses, and OBGYNs have been known to still push it. Another member of our group had spoken with workers at a hospital affiliated with the same network. There is apparently still a significant need to create the awareness that what they're doing is objectionable, and that some of us out here do have a problem with circumcision. We are glad to hear it when people are able to raise consciousness among those in a position to make a difference.