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July 2010

This month we had a visitor who said he had fully restored his foreskin a while ago, but recently decided on lengthening it and was looking for methods. The ensuing discussion brought up the point that we don't all have a clear idea of how much skin we'll want when we're first starting out.

A regular attendee raised a question of how to bring up the subject of circumcision to a woman he knew who was pregnant. Many of us agreed that it's sometimes all we can do to get our message across to the other person and plant a seed in their mind, so to speak. People unfamiliar with the whole circumcision controversy may want to look into the subject further to see that others do share the same concerns we do about it.

Another man brought up the subject of various advertisements seen on TV or heard on the radio for erectile dysfunction pills or "male enhancement." A few of us were wondering whether sales of drugs like Viagra were much lower in non-circumcising countries. One of the functions of foreskin restoration is to help with a man's sexual sensitivity, yet it's somehow still obscure even though we're not selling anything.