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September 2011

This month, we had a few new faces at our meeting. As always, new restorers come with new questions. Much of our meeting time was spent discussing different techniques and how to use them, as well as the experiences of those of us who were well into the process or who had finished restoring their foreskins.

Later in the meeting, a newer restorer asked whether he should tug more on the remaining inner foreskin than the penile shaft skin. Due to the way many of us here were circumcised, a smaller amount of inner foreskin (or rather, a remnant of the inner lining of the foreskin) than shaft skin remained on the penis before we started. We all seemed to agree that tugging all there is, at first - both inner foreskin and outer/shaft skin - was important, to maximize the amount to be expanded. Only much later on, when there's enough of one type, should a restorer focus on tugging the other.

Another question raised was about hair removal. Some of us who were tightly circumcised have started out with hair at the base of the penis, while erect or even while flaccid, usually because scrotal skin being pulled up due to lack of shaft skin. We've heard from men who have even had hair all the way up to the circumcision scar. This can make using restoration devices difficult, so a bit of hair removal becomes necessary. Someone in our group mentioned tweezing, though shaving seems to be the most common method of choice.