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December 2011

One of our group members started off the meeting with a question on a method being discussed in online forums over the last year, called "reverse taping." This is a more complicated technique than others we've seen: it involves pulling the skin forward, applying a ring of foam rubber or pipe foam around the shaft of the penis, pulling the skin backward over the foam, and taping it in place. Tension comes from the the foam pushing the skin from underneath, not unlike a medical tissue expander in concept, and the amount of tension gradually decreases as the foam is compacted over the course of a few hours. As complicated as it sounds, one or two of our meeting attendees have found it useful in stretching the inner foreskin. Others thought it was a bit confusing or difficult to use, but were still interested in hearing of a new restoration technique developed in recent years.

During the course of the meeting, one of us shared a motivating factor in his foreskin restoration efforts: this was something he could do that involved having a say about his own body, which was denied many years ago when he was circumcised as an infant. Many, if not all, of us could relate to that. As with other support groups at our meeting center, one of our group's functions is to help people gain a sense of control over certain aspects of their lives - be it physical, emotional, or both.

Toward the meeting's end, our coordinator wanted to do a quick review of the information packet we've been giving out to new restorers. Having on hand printed information on foreskin restoration is always useful, especially to those who aren't able to find it on the internet, but the printing costs do add up! We went through the various papers, determining which ones we didn't need, and which ones could be consolidated onto fewer pages. A few newer guys who'd been coming for a few months did give some positive feedback, so it would appear that the printed word is still valued in this day and age.