Frequently Asked Questions
About NORM Southern California

What really goes on at NORM meetings?

Our meetings are pretty much as described on the meeting schedule page: we share and discuss the latest news and information regarding foreskin restoration and circumcision. On occasion we have a guest speaker present to tell us about his (or, on rare occasions, her) own experiences and involvement in these issues.

We often try to include a summary of what is discussed each month on our Meeting Notes page.

In discussing certain techniques or concepts, it is sometimes easier to show than to try and explain without visual references. We have a small library of visual materials available during the meetings, and occasionally one of us will show everyone his progress or technique. We do not, however, sit around and openly tug our skins en masse. At the beginning of each meeting we make it clear that NORM is neither for sexual conduct nor is it a dating service.

It's also important to maintain some sense of humor about this unusual business of taping up and strapping down our penises. Our meetings always include a healthy measure of laughter and joking.

I already have information about restoring. Why should I come to a NORM meeting?

NORM meetings offer a lot that you simply can't get from internet resources alone. News and information related to foreskin restoration are often available at NORM meetings before they appear elsewhere. In addition, the peer support we offer is vastly more enriching and rewarding than what can be gotten from simply exchanging messages over the internet.

We presently maintain a small library of devices, literature, audio and video material related to foreskin restoration and circumcision issues. This resource is available to anyone attending our meetings.

Attending a NORM meeting for the first time can be an intimidating experience - we too were all beginners at one point, and we remember how difficult it was to enter a room full of strangers to talk about this stuff. But we also know how empowering it is to be surrounded by men who know and understand the desire to restore.

How long do the meetings last?

Our meetings usually run around two hours. It's not unusual, however, for several guys to hang around afterwards for an informal "meeting-after-the-meeting." You can sometimes spot men from NORM Southern California still in the hallway or outside in the parking lot up to an hour and a half after the meeting has officially ended (more often in the parking lot, so as not to disturb other groups at our meeting center)

Does it cost anything?

There are no fees or membership dues involved. However, toward the end of the meeting we pass a basket around the room and ask for contributions. This money goes toward expenses such as renting the room we use each month. Any donations to NORM are tax deductible, as we are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

What if I need more help?

Some of our regular attendees are available to help newcomers get started or overcome common problems. You can consult them by phone or email, or arrange to meet privately.

I don't live in Los Angeles! Is there another group in my area?

There are many branches of NORM across the United States and around the world; you can check NORM's website or view our links page for a partial list. If you don't find one listed near you, write to Wayne Griffiths ( Wayne is the co-founder and executive director of NORM and can help put you in contact with the NORM branch nearest you.

Some cities may have foreskin restoration support groups not affiliated with NORM. Unfortunately there is no single resource listing these groups - you may have to do some research and make some phone calls to find out if there's one in your area.

You may also find other restorers in your area through various message boards, through the Foreskin Restoration Mailing List, or through an online club. Yahoo Groups has several groups dedicated to foreskin restoration. You'll first have to become a member of Yahoo, but this is a quick and painless procedure and... best of all... it's free.