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April 2009

Our coordinator started off the meeting by showing us a new foreskin restoration device he had acquired, called Powdered Pull Balls (or PPB for short). It is comprised of two steel balls, joined by a small rod - similar to another device called Foreballs - with a coating covering the steel made from a cured powder. The device uses a silicone gripper to hold the skin in place, over one of the balls. Our group passed it around and gave positive feedback.

On a sad note, we have learned that a former NORM SoCal regular, James Haughey, had passed away earlier this year. Jim was well known in the restoration community for his invention of a device he called the Tug-a-Hoy, which he patented and sold commercially. He first demonstrated it at our meetings, and several others there became early users of the device [see meeting notes from March, April, May, and June 2000]. Jim has made a difference to many of us in the restoration community, and will be missed. Our thoughts go out to his family on their loss.

In other news, Ron Low (intactivist and TLC device maker) has let everyone know via the email list and on his forums that the American Academy of Pediatrics is considering a revision to its policy on circumcision. He has started a letter writing campaign to inform them of our views on the subject. We encourage anyone wishing to express an opinion on the ethics of circumcision to write to this organization. More info can be found at this message on his forums.

Lastly, we had a discussion on "overhang" - the part of the foreskin extending past the glans. Men with a natural foreskin may have varying amounts, even when erect, or may have none at all. Some of us who are further along in our restorations have found that some overhang may help to hold the foreskin in place, the way a frenar band would normally hold the skin against the glans.