Benefits of Foreskin Restoration

In over fifteen years since the National Organization of Restoring Men was founded, thousands of men across the United States and around the world have restored their foreskins. For many, the decision to restore was based in large part on having learned about the benefits of restoration from men who have finished restoring. Reports from these men indicate benefits that are not only significant, but also truly staggering.

We would enjoy nothing more than to list references to scientific studies of the numerous physiological and psychological effects of foreskin restoration. Unfortunately, despite mounting anecdotal evidence of the benefits of restoration, not one such study has been published. Until these types of studies are undertaken, we can present nothing but the collective experience of those restored men who have generously shared their experiences for the benefit of others.

Foremost among the effects of restoration are sexual benefits. They include:

Some restored men have reported going from "penile orgasms" to experiencing "full body orgasms," including involuntary body tremors. One man stated that since restoring, his orgasms have become so intense that he sometimes "blacks out," momentarily losing consciousness. While this is an extreme example, it gives some indication of how much more intense orgasms can become as a direct result of having restored one's foreskin.

Other effects include significant psychological benefits, some of which are completely unanticipated. A thread once posted in a restoration email list revealed one such effect: a few men who now have enough skin to keep the glans covered while flaccid reported that in locker room situations they noticed feeling "naked but not exposed," and were far more comfortable being unclothed in the presence of others.

We strongly believe these psychological benefits should not be underestimated as contributing factors toward a man's overall physical and mental health. Men with all of their sexual parts function better and feel better about themselves.

Several years ago, the men of NORM Southern California along with the members of a restoration email list were asked to comment on any benefits they'd experienced since they began restoring. Their responses appear below.

Please note that although circumcision and foreskin restoration involve issues of physical health and well being, nothing appearing on this website is intended to be medical advice. If you want medical advice or have a medical problem, contact a doctor.


Since restoring, I've been aware of having accomplished something I wanted to do for a good many years. I am really pleased with what I now have: a "foreskin" that covers the glans when I'm soft; a glans that is very smooth, shiny, and very sensitive when erect; and an intact frenulum (which I think helped me reach my present enjoyable state.) When erect, the "foreskin" bunches at the base of the glans and gives the appearance of an intact penis with foreskin retracted - no circumcision scar is visible.

By the way, an acquaintance recently saw my results (he is intact) and his verdict was that he couldn't tell me from a fellow intact male.


I have been restoring for 4 and 1/2 months. Every time I have sex, I experience new sensations that I never had before. Instead of having sex just to have sex, it's almost like some type of new toy or car I'm test driving for the first time. It's awesome.

Before I started restoring, if I rubbed my finger across my glans I couldn't feel a thing. Now I feel a sharp, tingling sensation. It's the greatest "pain" I've ever felt. Each day I notice something new and exciting as the keratin gradually wears away, especially on my inner mucosal remnant.


I am a 47 year old straight male that has been married for 25 years to the same woman. I was circumcised at birth.

My wife was a virgin when we married and we had problems with skin tears (me) and infections (her and me). She went to the OB/GYN and I went to the Urologist. She was a bit tight and I found out that I was a bit large in girth, over 6" around. The advice we received was to get stock in the company that made K-Y because we needed to use a lot of it. Nobody ever said anything to us about the fact that not having a foreskin was most of the problem.

Fast forward to the first of this year. I was surfing the internet looking for information about circumcision. While going through various sites I found a page at CIRP on The Mechanics of Intercourse - with foreskin. Wow, you slide it in, the man moves in his skin mostly and the woman feels the motion but no friction. You mean that women don't like friction? My penis was supposed to move within my SKIN? I was so tightly cut that I thought the skin was not mobile!

Looking at the links I found a very good website (now defunct) that offered the idea that I could actually regain something close to what had been whacked off, if not exactly the same. I started and tugged for around 4 months before I noticed much change. I was quite discouraged until my wife came up to me one morning and said that she thought the project was quite worthwhile and she wanted to encourage me to continue. She started to notice differences in intercourse before I did. Apparently, the friction had lessened.

I figured later that I gained over an inch of skin by that time. Pubic hair no longer came halfway up the penis shaft and my penis actually moved in the shaft skin. Thankfully, about a week later my brain kicked in and started "noticing" the movement of the penis within the skin. This is a MUCH more erotic feeling once it kicks in. At 7 months of fairly constant tugging, the motion is quite noticeable to me, and my wife is VERY happy. She gets motion and I don't need friction.


I've been at it since June of this year. In the beginning it was a real chore, and a little sore, and then a bit of a bore. But the first time that I stayed covered and could pull skin beyond the bead of my glans, it became a Quest.

Now there is skin where once there was only friction and irritation. Now there is a fluidity and movement that I never imagined could be possible in such a short time. It makes all the tape and tugging and elastic bands and hiding worth the effort.

One of these days, maybe another six months or so I hope to report: "Mission Accomplished! I have recovered what had previously been lost!"

John from Virginia:

I've been restoring for 7 months and feel this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I've always wanted to have my foreskin and always questioned the reasoning behind circumcision. In my case, it was for religious reasons. (I'm Catholic.)

I just learned about non-surgical restoration earlier this year. After giving it considerable thought, I took the plunge on June 10th and I haven't looked back since. In addition to the increased sensitivity and considerable amount of pleasure I'm now feeling, I have met a wonderful group of people [on the Restoration Mailing List] who are in this with me. I've achieved pretty remarkable results so far and I feel better about myself.

One more thing - I found out about this from a friend of mine who was considering restoring, but never did. He's the one who got me thinking about restoring in the first place. I ran into him the other day after not seeing him for months and I told him what I was doing. It was just the kick in the pants he needed. I'm now in the process of helping him get started. I couldn't think of a better way to ever thank him.


I use the "Dile" on weekends (Friday noon to Monday morning). The rest of the week I work out and would have some difficulty in explaining the T-Tape. I am very satisfied with my progress. I have complete coverage flaccid, after two years, and almost complete coverage when erect.


A little over a year ago I became concerned that it was taking me an increasingly long time to achieve sexual climax with my wife. After talking to my doctor, testosterone levels seemed normal for a man of 58 and his comments seemed to indicate that I should just learn to live with a normal aging process.

Prior to my concerns about losing sensitivity, I had heard about foreskin restoration. I found the idea intriguing, but didn't get around to pursuing it until after my visit to the doctor. The fact that restoration might restore some of the flagging sensitivity was a nice surprise.

I have been restoring for a little over a year, have created enough foreskin to provide glans coverage full time, with some assistance, and regained more sensitivity than I had started with. A number of new sexual stimuli have come along in the process, and I now wish that I had known about foreskin restoration at a younger age, partly because it most likely would have made the process move along more quickly, and partly because of having more time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I feel I lost a lot in being circumcised as a baby, but at least I can make what I still have function as close to normal as possible. A year to eighteen months seems worth the investment.


I guess that I get a bit emotional when I say this, but for my wife and I (over 40 years together) there would be no physical relationship had it not been for "restoration."


Restoration for me began simply as an act of defiance against the American medical industry, and the cutting culture that it defends. I was not then looking for, nor expecting any difference in sexual experience. When sexual changes began to appear within the first few months, I was presented with surprise after surprise.

Within weeks the glans penis was notably more sensitive. Within a few months I discovered enough skin to roll up over the edge of the corona (edge of the glans penis) during masturbation. This, in itself, was an awesome experience. "This," I thought, "is what I had missed!"


There's more sensation to be gained from restoration than sexual pleasure even though that is most likely and most legitimately foremost in our minds. However, physically, I have noted pleasurable feelings in such unlikely situations as riding in a bus or car - when it goes through a dip in the road so that there's a sudden downward motion followed by an equal upward motion - or the reverse, my glans moves as if it were a piston in a cylinder giving me a slight thrill. Another situation is when my car is running at between 90 and 110 km (55 to 65 mph) there's ever so slight a vibration - one I had never noticed before and one my wife says she doesn't notice. Well, that vibration is clearly and pleasurably felt in my fauxskin and glans. The same thing happens on my 50 cc motor scooter riding around town at about 30 klicks (20 mph). I asked one of my intact colleagues if he noticed such things and he said he hadn't since adolescence when he used to get erections from them, especially when riding the bus to school. So, here's one where we restored or restoring guys may be one up on our intact brothers. They've become so used to this sensation that they no longer notice it. We have it to look forward to and to savor when/if/as it happens.

There have been positive psychological benefits, too. Taking control of my body and my sexuality has resulted in an dramatically improved self-image. I like myself a whole lot better now and I am no longer embarrassed to be seen naked (but not exposed) in places such as locker rooms and the neighborhood swimming pool.

Does depression abate... DOES DEPRESSION ABATE! I used to go through hell and half of Texas at least once if not twice a year. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) helped some but nothing like taking control of my life and body and restoring my foreskin. It's been 548 days since I started restoration and since then I have been high as a kite. There have been off days, like when I lost my job this past year. But those days were just that, DAYS; not the weeks or months they used to be.

My feelings toward my wife - and women in general - have definitely been enhanced because I can now relax and enjoy sex without worrying about (a) losing my erection before I get enough stimulation to ejaculate; (b) injuring my wife or myself because of the rough thrusting required to get that stimulation; (c) premature ejaculation - although it may sound contradictory, in fact that used to be a problem but I now can pretty much control when I climax. And that is a whole separate benefit of restoration right there: I now reach orgasm rather than simply ejaculate.

Does restoration help erections or reverse dysfunction? Maybe not everyone's but it sure did mine. In raw, crude statistics I gained over an inch in erect length and about 3/4 inch in circumference - I would have been quite happy with just a new foreskin. Moreover, as I mentioned above, I no longer have to worry about being able to keep the thrusting vigorous enough to maintain my erection long enough to ejaculate. Sometimes, before restoration, I would simply wear out before coming. That is no longer a problem at all. Of course, some of that is attributable to HRT, but certainly not the ability to make love gently and tenderly, thereby satisfying not only my needs but those of my wife.